PATRON Adviser Solutions

An indisputable FOFA change will be the introduction of a “right advice” duty. Structuring your processes and staff to comply with the changes is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive.

For the cost of less than 1 full time staff member, let us;

1. Manage all your SOA’s.
2. Take over all due diligence on getting applications completed.
3. Structure your soft copy files that show a complying paper trail.
4. Set up and manage your review process.
5. Be the first port of call for all your client issues.

David Robertson – Adviser: “I have been using PATRON Adviser Solutions for my back office since the beginning and the support I receive in getting business completed and dealing with client enquiries has been extraordinary. Importantly, PATRON Adviser Solutions also ensures my business compliance is completely maintained. This has allowed me to focus on the important aspects of my business, speaking with clients and prospects, rather than being bogged down by administration issues.”

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Happy New Financial Year!

Everyone thinks about change and making resolutions when the calendar year ends but what about the financial year end?
The new financial year is a perfect time to make some resolutions to improve your financial health. If you create simple and easy-to-follow resolutions you will be more likely to succeed.

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Adviser calculators

Hi everyone, Is it a good idea to add calculator tools that people use regularly to the website, or as links on this blog? e.g. tax calculators, mortgage calculators, present value of future income stream calcs, etc. Has anyone got some they care to add?

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