The importance of insurance
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If you are like most Australians, insurance is one of those things which can be put off for another day. But another day might be one too late – the story of Patty outlines how important it is to have the right insurance. Patty was a fit and healthy single 53 year old who had […]

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Are you better off with an industry super fund?

We’ve all seen the commercials. You know the one, ‘compare the pair’ where one woman whose super is in an industry super fund is shown ascending an escalator of good fortune. Meanwhile her counterpart is depicted descending to a future with far fewer retirement funds because her super is with a retail fund that pays […]

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Happy New Financial Year!

Everyone thinks about change and making resolutions when the calendar year ends but what about the financial year end?
The new financial year is a perfect time to make some resolutions to improve your financial health. If you create simple and easy-to-follow resolutions you will be more likely to succeed.

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Your money behaviour – avoiding the traps

Managing your money behaviour, and avoiding common behavioural traps, can help you put the right foot forward when it comes to long-term success with money.

Why do mature women make better investment decisions than young men? Why does trading shares online bring worse results than the old fashioned way? Why do we all think we’re better-than-average with money (and other areas of life)? And what can we do about it?

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